Saturday, March 16, 2013

Peter Kater - Essence of Peace

I remember hearing Peter for the first time on the album "Honorable Sky", at a friend's house before we went to a local Powwow.  I thought this was an excellent album, and went out and purchased it immediately.  The Native American flute styling of R. Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater playing piano, was just a stunning pairing of musicians.  Soon after I devoured this CD, I found "Essence".   

This one CD in his 5 CD Healing Series, sends a shiver down my spine from the opening notes sung by what seems to be a simple angel choir.  I don't know how else to describe it.  

I used to belong to a meditation and prayer group back in the 90s and we used many pieces of music for those events, but this was always my favorite.  A friend of mine used it in her healing practice for calming her clients.  There is just something about the way it was composed, produced and played that it is like no other CD on the planet.  Don't get me wrong, I love so much of Peter's music, that I could never pick a real favorite among his other releases, but to this day, this album just soars above all the others, in the peace it still brings me.  If I were to be stuck on a desert island, I would take two pieces of relaxing music with me.  "Essence" and David & Steve Gordon's "Garden of Serenity" for meditation, reflection and relaxation.  

The voices layer and carry on until the 6:30 mark, when Peter starts to play piano and the layering continues, for one hour and fifteen minutes of pure bliss.  I have had many "moments" with this piece of music.  From sad release to heartfelt sorrow to joy and peace to letting go, and just the simple pleasure of becoming one with the music itself.  I don't know how to explain it other than a feeling of euphoria at times, feeling the strings as they come in around the 8:45 point in the music.  It touches a very deep spot inside my heart and has become a very personal piece of music for me.  

I share these things as a point of passion for what music does for me on so many levels.  I can only hope that you'll find peace in music like this.  To find a calm away from the storm and be able to release any tension, pain or sorrow you might be carrying.  While you are listening to the music, may it give you that safe place you need to do such things.  

I'll let the music do the talking.  I've posted a small excerpt that I found on YouTube, there is a longer sample on his store page for the album.  The piece below is from the middle of the song.  

I suggest buying the album on CD or MP3.  Peter has them available directly through his website or on iTunes and my favorite place, CDBaby.  Stop by his site and take a listen to more of his music, but I do highly recommend this one album in particular.  

Peace be with you,