Monday, March 11, 2013

David and Steve Gordon - Peaceful Meditation

For as long as I have been listening to meditation and stress relief music, I have always had a copy of "Garden of Serenity" on every device I own.  I have anchored peace and calm to the sound of this music.  There are several other albums that I carry with me wherever I go.  Whether it is on my Android phone, my Kindle Fire, a CD in the car or on my laptop and home computer, these songs bring calm and a centering peace for me.  Sometimes I forget to use them and remember that they are on my phone.  I plug into my headset and I'm immediately brought back to my center.  They are always there for immediate care and feeding of the dragon that rears its ugly head while in traffic or working on a project.  

The albums that I carry with me from David & Steve Gordon are:

The one I listen to the most is "Garden of Serenity".  Pure and simple, one of the most peaceful albums I've ever listened too outside of one by Peter Kater, and I will write about that one very soon.  I can fall asleep to this in a heartbeat, if I want to.  I can also get into a deep focused breathing meditation or even a visualization meditation using this music.  Now this might be a little overwhelming for meditation for some, with the chimes and the babbling brook, but it's really a preference of what works for you.  Take a listen to it and see if its something that you would want to meditate with and then purchase it.  Even if you use it for some great background music while sitting at your desk and surfing, or driving to work, it has a calming effect.  

David & Steve Gordon are artists and founders of the Sequoia Records label.  They have released many CDs and are quite famous for their drumming and Native American albums.  If you like that genre of music, I highly recommend their CDs.  There are many other artists on their label and David and Steve do their own albums as well.  Give their music a try.  If you like it, purchase it from their site or on Amazon and iTunes.  I prefer getting it from them to support their label.   

Relax, breathe deep, kick back and be at peace,

(I would usually post some excerpts from their albums via YouTube or SoundCloud, but they do not have any of their relaxation music on either site. So please go to the page links in the article above and listen to the music there.)