Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kevin Kern - In the Enchanted Garden

1996 was a big year for New Age music.  From the release of Secret Garden's "Songs from a Secret Garden" to classics like "Chakra Meditation" by Merlin's Magic, "By Heart" by Jim Brickman and "I Surrender" by Barbara Higbie.  One album stands out above all the rest, and that is Kevin Kern's "In the Enchanted Garden".  I think I listened more to this album that year, than any other album I purchased.  It was the year after my father passing and my divorce of my first marriage was over.  I was on my own, alone and not as stressed out, but more so, I just need some comfort music.  This album along with several others, helped me through a rough patch in my life.  

Every Kevin Kern album I have purchased, since this one, has taken me on a magical journey.  I kid you not.  This music plays like a movie in your mind and is so pretty that it will sometimes bring emotions out of you that you probably thought were lost or dormant.  The first time I heard the track "Another Realm" I couldn't stop shivering for hours.  I kept playing that one track over and over again.  This album definitely reduces my stress levels.  Its one of my top 20 stress reducing albums, in my playlist on my phone.  It's with me wherever I go.  I have always had a copy of it in my car, since I had a CD player in my car.  

When I started to write new music on the piano, around 2001, I realized that I had that soft touch that Kevin had.  I've always played like this myself, but now I realized my connection with Kevin's music itself.  There are very few in this genre who play with such feeling and emotion.  Kevin is among those artists.  It is what Benjamin Zander calls "the left cheek lean". 

Explore many of Kevin's other great releases as well.  I love everyone that I own:

And many others as well.  Make sure you visit his website and take a look around and purchase CDs from him there as well.  I know that I point you to a lot of Amazon links here, but you can also purchase Kevin's music through iTunes.  

I use "In the Enchanted Garden" for more than stress reduction, I use it for keeping me focused in breathing meditation as well.  It's a wonderful album from beginning to end and back again. I hope that you enjoy.

Peace be with you,

"Another Realm" (looks to be a fan video)

"Sundial Dreams" (one of my favorite songs)