Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dean & Dudley Evenson - Healers Extraordinaire

From the first time I popped "Ocean Dreams" into my cassette player, I just knew that the rest of my life would not be complete without Dean and Dudley Evenson as part of its soundtrack.  They are the Godfather and Godmother of New Age Music, starting their label Soundings in 1979.  Their path to becoming the music healers of planet Earth and it's inhabitants, is quite an interesting tale that can be read via their website and Wikipedia.  I think that Dean and Dudley have helped to shape the New Age genre that I love and am a part of musically today.

In times of hardship and stress I have listened to many of their CDs and tapes.  My favorites are (to name a few):

As I write this, I am listening to "Ocean Dreams" on Spotify and am amazed at how far the technology has come.  From tape, to CD, to MP3 and now live streaming, I love the fact that every time I listen to this album on Spotify, they make some money for it being streamed. Monies that I know, deep down, they put to good use.  While it's nice to have the streaming service, I still support the artists by purchasing CDs and MP3s of their music.  I forget just how much this album takes me away from it all and has a very healing vibe through Dean's masterful playing of the flute and Dudley's soft touch on the hand-harp.  The waves take me to a place where time stands still and you can watch the dolphins playing off the shore.  This music releases tension, gets rid of my stress and helps me to relax.  

I hope that I can turn you onto the beautiful musical styling of Dean and Dudley Evenson.  My wish is for you to find peace throughout your day and have to tools to help you do so.  While you're at it, check out the new release "Dream Space" and get lost in the healing and peaceful music for awhile.

Peace be with you,

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