Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Gift to You

It is great to be able to share and post the songs from "Thought Vibration" to stream for free, or for the video to also be free on YouTube to stream, but I wanted to take that a step further. If you want a CD copy of "Thought Vibration" you can still get one through the CreateSpace link in the music section of the site or through my music site itself, but I'm now offering a version of this album through Bandcamp. You may now name your own price for this album. Which means you may also download it for free.

Why am I doing something like this?  I want those who are having issues with stress to be able to download some music to take with them on their walks or for meditation at home.  To be able to have the ability to get off the grid and do so, without having to pay the money for it.  Especially if they can't afford downloading albums and have limited budgets.  Believe me, I know how this goes, there are times when I want an album, but sometimes wait months to buy it.  When I have the ability to do so through Bandcamp, it allows me to go back later on and pay the artist for the album, for what it is worth to me.  You may still do so through this link I am providing. This is a "name your own price" deal, you can get it for free and you can pay something for it as well.  If you decide to download it for free, all that I ask in return, is that you use it and see if it helps you at all.

My main concern is that folks get something good out of it. Download it, listen to it and relax and enjoy it. I'm working on doing the same thing for the video and will keep you all posted.  But for now, enjoy the music and enjoy the video below. 

Peace be with you all,